Aberdeen Centre Project
Return of the First Emperor

July 2009 - Photos from the Sandemons Aberdeen Centre Project

Sandemons - Sand Sculpture Company had the pleasure of creating an 80 metric ton sand sculpture for Aberdeen Shopping Centre for the Return of the First Emperor event. Fred Dobbs, Charlotte Kolff, Brett Stocker, David Dureault, myself and other helpers worked to create one of the finest indoor sculptures in recent memory. The sculpture turned out amazing with the main focus being the Great Wall of China. There were many other Asian elements incorporated into the sculpture by the talented group of carvers.

The sculpture will be viewable at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, B.C. until September. Come down and check out the sculpture and the many stores in the shopping mall.

National Geographic Television was out to film the process of building the sculpture from beginning to end for a new television program they are developing called "Wow". The new program will air in 2010. We are very excited to be a part of the new programming.

David Billings Charlotte Kolff Fred Dobbs David Dureault Brett Stocker
Emperor Aberdeen Shopping Centre Logo Great Wall of China Pandas
Lions - Entrance to Great Wall Upper Backside of Sculpture Parade Dragon Great Wall and Phoenix in the Sun
Top View of Sculpture Chi Dynasty Lanterns and Cranes in Moon Charlotte, David and Fred - Completed Sculpture