Sandemons - Sand Sculpture Company owned and operated by David Billings, was founded in 1991 and originally a sand sculpting team competing at local North American sand sculpture competitions. Sandemons - Sand Sculpture Company has become a creative live entertainment attraction creating sand sculptures to enthrall and inspire young and old alike and from all walks of life. Sandemons has been recognized as a high quality and organized sand sculpture company, creating world class sculpture attractions indoors and outdoors for theme parks, shopping centers, corporate clients and major events nationally and internationally.

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Sandemons - Sand Sculpture Company is currently in the process of website redesign. Please browse the Gallerys and News for past works and information. Current Project Images and Upcoming Events are available the Sandemons - Sand Sculpture Company Facebook Page.

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Check out Sandemons Monster Pumpkin Exhibition created for Metropolis at Metrotown at Monster Pumpkins

2010 PNE International Sand Sculpture Competition

2011 Pacific National Exhibition - Vancouver, B.C.

7th Annual Sand Sculpture Competition! This year there will be 6 local sculptors from BC sculpting a variety of designs a few days prior to the Fair and completing their master pieces on Sunday, August 21st. With the completion at the beginning of the Fair, this gives the Fairgoers an opportunity to vote for their favorite sculpture right at the site by “texting to vote”. See the Sandemons News Page for the photos of the competition and display sculptures. Sandemons - Sand Sculpture Company, Pne International Competition is proud to be a Qualifying event for the World Championship Sand Sculpture Competition.

Click on logo to see **PHOTOS & INFORMATION** from the 2009 PNE International Sand Sculpture Competition. You can also check out the previous 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005 photos and information archives from the same link.

Additional Sand Project Links

Check out the recent photos from the projects I worked on in Doha - Qatar, Moscow - Russia, Faro-Algarve - Portugal, Las Palmas - Spain and Jesolo - Italy by clicking on these three links Doha, Qatar 2011, Moscow, Russia 2010, Faro-Algarve, Portugal 2009, Las Palmas, Spain 2006 and Jesolo, Italy 2006

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